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Musty Odors: Do They Always Indicate Mold?

Musty Odors: Do They Always Indicate Mold?

By Dr. Harriet Burge EMLab P&K Chief Aerobiologist and Director of Scientific Advisory Board Musty odors are caused by volatile organic compounds. While mold is a common source for these compounds, they can come from other sources. If there is no water anywhere in the basement, then musty odors are probably not caused by mold. […]

Health Risks Due To Inhalation of Fungal Mycotoxins


By Dave Gallup Chairman, EMLab P&K “Toxic mold” caused a flurry of media attention during the last 10 years and the resulting fear of “toxic mold” was a significant driver in the rapid growth of fungal IAQ investigations. In past issues of the Environmental Reporter we have discussed some of the adverse health effects that […]