Day 1

7:00-8:30         Registration is ongoing for the first day of the conference.
8:30-8:45         Welcome by Executive Director of NAMM Rick Lapierre
8:45-9:30         Moisture/Water = Mold (Ray Pataunaude)
9:40-10:30       Effects of Contaminated Indoor Air On Occupants (Dr. Andrew Campbell)
10:30-11:00      Visit Exhibitors
11:00-12:00      What to Expect from Labs Testing Indoor Air (Dave Gallup)
12:00-1:30        Lunch/Visit Exhibitors
1:30-2:15           Air Conditioning/Ventilation Effects on IAQ  (Ray Pataunaude)
2:20-3:15          Developing New Technologies  (Christopher Casey)
3:20- 4:15         NAMM Protocols and Standards  (Gene Taylor)
4:15 -4:30         Q & A
4:30-5:30         Visit Exhibitors
5:30-7:00         Wine and Cheese

Day 2

7:00-8:30           Breakfast
8:30-8:45           Welcome Back (Rick LaPierre)
8:45-9:30           Mold Testing Pros and Cons (Dr. Harriet Burge)
9:40- 10:30        Interpreting Test Results (Viable/Nonviable)    (Dr. Harriet Burge)
10:30-11:00       Visit Exhibitors
11:00-12:00       Moisture/Mold Assessment the Right Way (Gene Taylor)
12:00-1:30.        Lunch /Visit Exhibitors
1:30-2:30           What are Mycotoxins? How can they be measured in the Air?  (Dr. Andrew Campbell)
2:35-3:35           What are the Health Effects of Mycotoxins (Dr. William Rea)
3:45-4:30           Preventative Maintenence (Rick LaPierre)
4:30-4:45           Questions and Answers
4:45-5:45           Visit Exhibitors
5:45-6:30           Wine and Cheese

Day 3

7:00-8:30          Breakfast
8:30-8:45          Welcome Back (Rick LaPierre)
8:45-9:30          How to Diagnose Patients with Problems due to molds and Mycotoxins. (Dr. William Rea)
9:30-10:15         What is the treatment of patients suffering from exposure to Molds and Mycotoxins   (Dr. William Rea)
10:15-10:45       Visit Exhibitors
10:45-11:00       Bio Remediation (Rick LaPierre)
11:00-12:00       Post Remediation (Allen Johnston)
12:00- 1:30        Lunch – Visit Exhibitors
1:30-3:00           The Great Debate Panel of Speakers
3:00-3:15           Closing Remarks