We want to assist anyone in the Construction Industry to be able to offer their workers and customers a healthy and safe environment. Presently many workers are getting sick on jobs and not realizing that it has a lot to do with the Indoor Air Quality.

This Conference will show anyone in your Industry how to protect themselves and their employees and also teach them a new approach in building that will add revenue to your firm. Presently many companies are using products that are actually infecting the very buildings that you are building, repairing and remodeling.

There is a reason that this has been able to take place without exposure up until today but this issue is now being exposed to the public and with the new changes that are coming it is important to have your company aware and move with the times.

This Indoor Air Quality Conference is focused on compromised indoor air which is going to be on the forefront of jobs over the coming years because of the Trillions of dollars lost in Insurance Claims and the epidemic health issues that are now appearing from ineffective processes over the last 20-25 years.

This is an opportunity to get ahead of the curve and learn how to improve your business, separate your firm from the pack while at the same time showing you how to increase your income substantially without incurring huge costs.