Certified Moisture and Maintenance Inspector FAQ’s

What is a CMMI?


A CMMI is a Certified Moisture and Maintenance Inspector. The 2 day CMMI course is approved by NAMM. A CMMI inspection can identify mold and moisture, but the main purpose of the survey is to identify areas of concern, that if not corrected, could lead to future moisture problems.


When is a CMMI inspection a good idea?


  • If you have mold, or signs of mold.
  • If you see water damage or points of water intrusion.
  • If your house smells musty.
  • If you have asthma or other breathing disorders.
  • If you have out of season allergies.
  • If your pregnant or have children.
  • If you are buying or selling a home.
  • If you have recently had remediation or mold clean up.
  • Annual inspections can be very helpful in protecting your home.

Considering what your home really is, it’s almost never a bad idea to have your house inspected for moisture and mold problems.


I want a CMMI inspection done, should I get any sampling and why?


For most homes, if a visual inspection came back clear of “Red Warnings”, sampling may not be needed. However, having air samples conducted by a qualified professional is always a good idea. They can find what the human eye can’t. A quality lab can also determine what types of mold you have, the mold levels and if it originated inside the home.

You can view the NAMM protocols here which includes details about microbial sampling.


Am I qualified to become a CMMI and how can I apply?


You can download the CMMI Application here.