Moisture Management FAQ’s

Moisture Management FAQ’s

What is Moisture Management?

By Moisture Management, we simply mean keeping our homes dry. There is only one way to do this and that is to inspect the entire property using specialized tools. Moisture meters and infrared cameras are extremely useful to locate hidden moisture problems. Checking the humidity levels inside your home is also very important.

The building systems must be checked. Crawlspaces and attics are critical components of a home. After the home is inspected, areas of concern must be dealt with. Moisture management is mold prevention, and much more.

When is a moisture management inspection important?

A proper moisture management survey, is helpful when you find mold. By having an independent inspection company perform an inspection, they can determine the proper steps to contain and remove the mold and the reports can assist the remediation company, if it is necessary.

The problem we have now, and why mold is costing us over $3 billion a year in claims, is that most people don’t worry about mold until they see it. Unfortunately, this is too late and the costly damage has been done.

A complete moisture management inspection of a property before the sale of a property is your best assurance the home is safe. Whether you are a buyer wanting to insure your investment is sound, or the seller wanting to have a great selling point to their home.

A good moisture management report can give you pictorial documentation that is stamped in time. This can protect you from any future litigation providing excellent evidence. That is invaluable to a number of people, home owners, insurance agents, realtors, banks and home builders, just to name a few.