National Association for Moisture Management FAQ’s

What is NAMM?

NAMM is the National Association for Moisture Management, a non-profit organization developed to help protect consumers most valuable asset; their home.

Why was NAMM formed?

NAMM was formed out of the need for prevention. The founders of NAMM were mold inspectors and mold remediators. Too often, the costly problems they were finding could have been prevented. NAMM is about taking a proactive approach to mold and moisture prevention.

How does NAMM help?

Education and consumer awareness is a large part of NAMM. By educating home owners, renters, builders, contractors, the real estate industry and inspectors about the need for moisture management, we can begin to protect assets and prevent huge problems. In the cases of mold that could not be prevented, education can help prevent mold scams that have run rampant and give the consumer somewhere to go for help. NAMM is also working with government officials, mortgage bankers and the insurance industry to help provide no non-sense solutions to the billion dollar mold problem we are facing today.