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Uses of PCR In Environmental Investigations
Dr. Harriet Burge PhD

Indoor Dampness, Mold and Health Summary
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Adverse Health Effects of Indoor Molds
Alex V. Delgado, Ph.D., Ed.D.

AHL Fungal Glossary
American Home Laboratories

Building IAQ
Environmental Protection Agency

CDC Mold FAQ’s
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Chronic Sinusitis
National Institutes of Health

EPA Guide to Indoor Air Quality
Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Mold Guide
Environmental Protection Agency

Fungal Contamination in Public Buildings
Federal-Provincial Committee on Environmental and Occupational Health

Guidance for Clinicians
University of Connecticut Health Center, Division of Occupational and Environmental
Medicine & the Center for Indoor Environments and Health

Home Moisture Problems
University of Oregon Extension Service

Indoor Mold – A General Guide to Health Effects, Prevention, and Remediation
California Research Bureau, California State Library

Mold – Prevention Strategies and Possible Health Effects
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Preventing Mold-Related Problems in the Indoor Workplace
Occupational Safety and Health Administration

State of the Science on Molds and Human Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention