Below are some studies linking mold to health related issues. While research still needs to be done, it has become obvious that the health issues due to mold exposure go far beyond asthma and allergy attacks and even effect healthy people. While some molds may be more dangerous or some people may be more suseptable, the fact is that if you have mold growing indoors, you are at a higher risk of health problems then if you don’t.

Indoor Dampness, Mold and Health Summary
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Adverse Health Effects of Indoor Molds
Alex V. Delgado, Ph.D., Ed.D.

Chronic Sinusitis
National Institutes of Health

Mold – Prevention Strategies and Possible Health Effects
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Uses of PCR In Environmental Investigations
Dr. Harriet Burge PhD

Indoor Mold – A General Guide to Health Effects, Prevention, and Remediation
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State of the Science on Molds and Human Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

By Dr. Harriet Burge

Health Risks Due To Inhalation of Fungal Mycotoxins
By Dave Gallup