Remediation Beware

Remediation – Be Aware!

When remediation is needed, there are some things to look out for when choosing a remediation company. Choosing a company based solely on cost is not typically a good idea. Please take the following into consideration and make sure to get multiple bids/proposals and ask for references.

  • If samples are taken, make sure they are taken properly and watch out for excessive sampling. You can view our recommended sampling protocols here.
  • Look out for remediation companies that do not use an independent laboratory for post remediation verification.
  • We do not recommend a remediation company that does not guarantee or warrant their work.
  • Be aware that some remediation companies will bid low to get the job, then issue constant change orders. Ask them if their cost is guaranteed.
  • NAMM does not recommend the use of bleach, chemicals or paint to remove or cover up microbial growth.