One of the main concerns for the occupants of any structure is the air quality and it is important to remember that the HVAC System is the “lungs of the building” and we all know how important that is for everybody.

Presently many firms that deal with the installation, repair and maintenance of these systems do not realize that many of the practices and policies that they have been utilizing are actually contributing to compromising the air quality inside the homes, schools and buildings.
We will have expert doctors at the conference that will be able to explain to you the reasons and causes of the Mycotoxin health effects that are contributing to 1/3 of the total Healthcare costs each year nationally from Indoor Air Pollution.

There will be experts in your industry speaking at this conference to give you tips and processes to protect your employees, firms and most importantly your customers.

One of the biggest benefits for anyone in this industry will be the introduction to Bioremediation and how easily you can take advantage of this, both creating the safest Indoor Air Environment but increasing your revenue without incurring extensive costs.

Come to the conference next October and see exactly how you can take care of your clients and your firm. Make sure to sign up early on to guarantee a seat since there are limited seats available.