One of the major issues for the Insurance Industry is the cost of water damage claims. We can show your staff how to effectively take care of your customers at the same time getting their property taken care of properly and giving your customers the healthiest indoor air environment possible while lowering the cost of the claims substantially.

Presently the way a claim is processed is actually costing the Insurance Company involved with that particular claim almost 2-3 times what it should be. We have programs that can resolve these issues and save your company Millions of dollars on claims.

Another serious issue that Insurance Industry deals with is the high cost of healthcare claims that are now taking up to 1/3 of all the traditional healthcare costs in the entire country, close to 2 Trillion dollars annually. We can assist you in lowering these costs by showing you how to effectively take care of the Indoor Air Quality in your client’s homes and buildings safely and completely allowing them a healthier environment.

Presently the Insurance Industry is unwittingly supporting a process that is actually infecting many of the buildings that you are paying to take care of in effect causing part of the problem with the healthcare costs attributed to Indoor Air Pollution. Let us help you resolve these issues and make your firm more profitable while making your customers happily satisfied with your company.