NAMM Professional Membership

Who are these professionals who will benefit from becoming a member?

  • Realtors who want the most current information for their clients and want to prevent any legal problems from mold.
  • Builders & contractors who want to mitigate liability;
  • Home inspectors, and others who want to offer additional services.
  • Insurance professionals
  • Property Managers.
  • Mold Inspectors and mold remediators.

The benefits of NAMM Membership

BENEFITS OF NAMM PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPThe Certified Moisture Management Inspector and the Certified Environmental Mold Remediator Certifications are valid for a 2 year period upon completion of the CEMR and CMMI courses,

These Certifications come with a 2 year membership in NAMM. Continuing membership in NAMM requires an individual to take any NAMM courses once every 2 years to maintain their CMMI or CEMR Certifications.

All members are required to adhere to the NAMM Standards of Practice