One of the main reasons that an individual decides on which Realtor to use for buying or selling a home is the experience that professional has. This conference will definitely separate those that attend from the rest of the pack.

A major issue for buyers is that the home or building that they are purchasing has a safe indoor air environment and unfortunately the majority of Realtors have no idea of what is going on inside these structures and how to properly evaluate them.

Anyone attending our conference will learn about what questions they should be asking the owners of the properties they are going to represent to protect themselves and their firm from misleading the buyers into purchasing a compromised structure.
We will be showing everyone the proper way that properties should be inspected and more importantly the best way to mitigate any outstanding compromised indoor air issues safely and effectively.

The health issues that arise from compromised air quality are becoming epidemic for the public and up until recently the causes and reasons for these issues have eluded the public. We will be explaining the reason that some traditional practices have been contributing to the problem that is causing one third of the entire Healthcare costs nationally being directly attributed to Compromised Indoor Air Quality.

Come to the conference next October and see exactly how you can take care of your clients and your firm. Make sure to sign up early on to guarantee a seat since there are limited seats available.