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Musty Odors: Do They Always Indicate Mold?

Musty Odors: Do They Always Indicate Mold?

By Dr. Harriet Burge EMLab P&K Chief Aerobiologist and Director of Scientific Advisory Board Musty odors are caused by volatile organic compounds. While mold is a common source for these compounds, they can come from other sources. If there is no water anywhere in the basement, then musty odors are probably not caused by mold. […]

PSA Warning: Bleach


Let’s not repeat the same mistakes from the past Hurricanes by recommending processes that cause more harm than good. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was one of the first federal agencies to STOP recommending the use of liquid bleach for mold remediation. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has since edited their “A brief guide […]